Why Organic?

The question is, why go green and use organic hair products? Going green is one step closer to making the Earth a better place, naturally. So why not start with hair? You will not only be helping the environment, you will also be helping your hair. All of the organic products have no toxic chemicals and fumes which make them earth friendly. Regular hair products can cause damage to the environment and to your hair. I'm making the change, are you?

Hair is not a living structure on your body, so it does not have the ability to repair itself from any damage, unlike skin. Ammonia is one of the main ingredients in hair products that not only damages your hair, but also the air you breathe. Once ammonia enters your hair, it starts to damage the cuticle of the hair along with the amino acids in your hair. The damage of the cuticle and the amino acids adds to the effect of short lasting color and color fading. At the same time, the ammonia is getting into your eyes and lungs which can cause nose or throat irritation. The organic products will make you healthier and happier.

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