I only use natural and organic products that are safe and the highest quality for the health and wellness of my clients

Organic Logos
Organic Care
All of Organic Care shampoos, conditioners, and treatments have been designed to repair and soften hair. Each product uses certified organic extracts, protein, and B vitamins to help bring the hair back to it's natural strength and protect it from UV damage.
Organic Control
The organic control system includes terrific styling products. Each product uses certified organic extracts which remove harsh chemicals and leave your hair with stunning, natural shine. Style your hair with natural products that reduce frizz and static.
Organic Color
The organic color uses a blend of certified organic natural extracts, vitamins C and E, and plant derived conditioners which will actually enhance and protect the hair as it is colored. The organic color uses no ammonia and will add color to your hair while maintaining the essential moisture and protein balance of the hair. The organic color has no scalp discomfort, no toxic fumes, no scalp or skin stains, and the color fades more slowly. Each organic color is unique and will make your hair naturally beautiful while keeping it healthy.
Organic Control
The organic perms are an innovative permanent curling system that has eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals to prevent degradation to the hair's delicate structure. The organic perms use no ammonia or thioglycolates and will add natural bounce to your hair while maintaining the essential moisture and protein balance of the hair. This system is a gentle neutralizer with plant amino acids and certified organic extracts which comfort and condition the hair. Each organic perm is customized to meet your needs and will leave each curl healthy and gorgeous.
I am now offering the latest and healthiest Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment. This Keratin treatment is formaldehyde free, enriched with vitamins from plants, apple pulp, and vanilla, and eliminates frizz, leavingthe hair silky smooth. It is so gentle, you can color and highlight your hair on the same day. In addition, this Keratin treatment protects your hair from the heat of the blow-dryer and cuts blow-drying time by 50%. I believe you can be a hairdresser without using harsh chemicals and get amazing results. I highly recommend this product for everyone. Surprisingly, people with not only curly hair, but also with straight hair can use this product as a conditioning treatment.
Naturalite ammonia free lightener is used for high-lightening hair. It contains protective conditioners. The active wheat proteins protect the hair's delicate inner structure, reducing the damage normally caused by conventional bleach. It's dust free, leaves a smooth texture, and is gentle to hair.